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B1. Personal radiation detectors (PRDs)

B.1.01. Personal radiation detectors model PM1703MO-1 and PM1703MO-2 PDF Specification

B.1.02. Personal radiation detectors model PM1703M, PM1703MA and PM1703MB PDF Specification

B.1.03. Personal radiation detectors model PM1703GN, PM1703GNA and PM1703GNB PDF Specification

B.1.04. Personal radiation detectors model PM1401GNA and PM1401GNB PDF Specification

B.1.05. Personal radiation detectors model PM1401MA and PM1401MB PDF Specification

B2. Spectroscopic personal radiation detectors (SPRDs)

B.2.01. Spectroscopic PRDs model PM1401MB and PM1401GNB PDF Specification

B.2.02. Spectroscopic PRDs model PM1703MB and PM1703GNB PDF Specification

B.2.03. Spectroscopic PRDs model PM1703MO-1A and PM1703MO-1B PDF Specification PDF Specification

B3. Handheld radionuclide identification devices (RIDs)

B.3.01. Handheld radionuclide identification device model PM1401K Identifier PDF Specification

B.3.02. Handheld radionuclide identification devices model AT6102 and AT6102A PDF Specification

B.3.03. Radionuclide identification devices model AT6101 and AT6101B PDF Specification

B.3.04. Radionuclide identification devices model AT6101A and AT6101D PDF Specification

B5. Radiation portal monitors

B.5.1. Radiation portal monitors series PM5000A PDF Specification

B.5.2. Vehicle radiation monitor based on AT2327 PDF Specification

B6. Contraband detectors

B.6.1. Handheld X-ray scanner of buried cavities model VATSON PDF Specification

B.6.2. Handheld contraband detector model PM1401T PDF Specification




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